My Very First Logo

We all start somewhere

What happens during the journey is what's important

Performing at the Oriental Theatre in Denver Colorado

That was an eventful show.

My mixer got fried at this show unfortunately. My good friend zach took this picture and actually surprised me with it years later.  Glad you got to see me preform man. I wish more of  my friends stayed to watch me preform. The majority of them partied to hard and got kicked out.  #Headliner problems

Dj Nugbone

Get Lost Entertainment

Love It or hate it, either way just get lost.

Sometimes you need to lose yourself, so you can find yourself  -Dj Nugbone

It's much more than music to me

It's growth, self development, raising your vibation, spreading love, and noticing cycles to name a few.

It's now a part of who i am. when you feel that fire burning, you give it everything you have. 

-All of those things you never talk to anyone about

-All of those things you keep telling yourself your going to do, but haven't yet

-All that stress you've been going through lately.

All of these things need to be released or expressed at some point. 

Granted this is one of the hardest parts of making music. But, learning to truly channel your emotions into your music is what will set you apart from most.

Not only that, but you're making yourself stronger as well, by dealing with the things you need to deal with.

-Don't speak negative about yourself

-Don't be afraid to ask for help

- Be teachable, You're not always right

-Remember the people who told you to just keep going, no matter what: 

-0 plays, keep going

-no likes or followers, keep going

-cause that focus and drive will help in more than just music

-Just wanted to leave these golden nuggets here. An entrepreneur should bring value to solve problems.

-It doesn't always have to be a competition. The thing is, you can't compete with me, cause i want you to win too. -Dj Nugbone

Mellow that ego and tap in with me. Most of the answers your looking for, will be found within. You're just going to need to put in some work.

-As an artist i like to get a little personal with things. There may be things you didn't want to hear. You probably needed to hear them.  

Alot of what you're reading is my story, why certain albums are named what they are and how it correlated with my journey thus far. 

 I just wanted to do this different. If you read just one of these messages and you learned from it, I made a difference. That kind of thing can have a domino effect.




I'm sure you see the trend

Raising awareness, mental health

"Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe. Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure, but as a path to awakening" -Yogananda

- You really have to be different and stand out to make it in music. I'm speaking on real things, things that have seemed to just get worse as time goes on. 

-Music has become severely over monitized over the years

-You signed up for this artist life, fill up your car with your $2000 dj setup for a $50 gig.

All your money went to dj equipment cause you felt like your production wasn't on point yet. But now your not getting gigs... Back to production it is then. 

Not to long later your computer crashes on you and you lose all of your work, your plugins and sounds, cause you were a dummy and didn't back it up.

Some time passes on and you get a new computer. you realize this is really expensive to keep doing. 

-Do i want to keep doing this? I'm down $600 cause i had to buy a new computer. Then it dawns on you. this could be a very expensive career.

-This is when i took a step back and asked myself what made me want to even start making music to begin with. 

In the very beginning it was because i just really wanted to learn. I never thought it would lead me to were i am today in my music career. 

It takes a lot to actually get noticed. This journey has been an incredible experience thus far. Over time this hobby grew into so much more.

-From what i can see I've spent way more money on my musical journey than i have ever made thus far. 

But, then again I'm the person who would go to raves and give away hundreds of cds. Sometimes it's just not about money.

- I know we all want to make money with music. Put in the work, But make sure you take care of your self first. Use music as a tool to help you grow more into your self awareness and recognize cycles. 

Focus on trusting the process. It's never going to be that easy though. You really have to want it. You're manifesting it, now the universe will test you to see if you're ready for what you have been wanting.




No more weekend warrior

Focus up buttercup, you have goals to hit.  Dont end up like the punch line

When it comes to your bread, its like a empty bag of lays cause you aint seeing chips- Dj Nugbone




Be ready for sacrifices

-Lots of sleepless nights and musical blocks-

-Countless hours of reading up on music theory, chord progressions, The circle of 5ths. Mixing and mastering techniques

-If you chose the route of being self taught. It could take a while. 

Take your time. You will feel it when it's right.

Do it scared, do it afraid, take the leap and Just do it - Dj Nugbone


Give it your all!

Failure is the first step to success- Dj Nugbone

-15 years later, all the hard work and effort starts to come to fruition.

- If something matters to you, you will make time for it.

Change Can Be Good

Release all that no longer serves you

Break those bad cycles and create more substantial ones.

Make music from the heart. Don't worry about the music industry. They will corrupt you

The Metamorphosis

Trust the process

Sometimes you have to kill off old parts of yourself, so you can finally heal, grow and continue your journey.  

-The Phoenix will rise from the ashes once again. He will wield his new power and wisdom to uplift others -Dj Nugbone