I started producing in 2010. It first started as a hobby, after a traumatic experience in 2011 I began to pump out albums. The first album is called the dedication album it was produced in memory of a good friend that met an unfortunate death. Her name was Dakota Fresh, she was the first person who inspired me to keep producing. After she passed my talent in production skyrocketed. I started to take all of my emotions I was feeling and put them into my music. In 2012 my next album was released, The Trifecta featuring my most popular song beat the bass. My roots derived from trance, my favorite artists at the time were darude, dj tiesto, paul oakenfold. Growing up I listened to trance when I was stressed out. It always soothed my soul, so I thought to myself why not produce the genre I grew a likely to. Later in 2012 the change of the seasons came out, this album showed a big progression in my ability to produce. During the same year I ventured in to djing, within two months of djing I was in the 15 minutes of fame competition which was a chance to make it to the professional level. Though I didn't advance in the competition I was just happy to play my music in front of a crowd.
I focused on producing after i performed at another competition in 2014.

It's been a long 15+ year journey making music, through all of the hardships, and the good times.I stayed consistent. I believe that if you stay consistent in what you do, and believe in your abilities you will achieve your goal. Music is an embodiment of the soul and it should be treated as such. I hope you all enjoy the emotional and heartfelt tracks i have on here. I truly enjoy and love making music, it makes me feel complete as a person. It has grown into part of who i am now. I have been more focused on the production side of things instead of actually djing these days. But who knows i am start doing shows in the near future. I love trance music!